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    Apple iPhone 5C  LAUNCHING SOON IN Dubai U.A.E.


    Its like no difference this time, when you get to know that Apple’s going to bring out something new , the whole world waits with all the huge hopes. Well yes, I’m not talking about I Phone5s you are holding but I phone 5c which you will soon be holding. Apple’s almost about to launch the latest the bubbliest new I-Phone.


    What is striking the most is that the biggest rumor is on how I phone 5c is going to be cheap. Yes big thing Apple’s bringing this time with a prime objective letting an I-phone affordable to anyone. Well, I would rather not call it cheap,  because it’s the same thing from the same company and of course an awesome phone which you can afford and call your i-phone.


    -I-phone 5c is going to have a plastic case, or let’s call it a plastic version of Iphone. It will be a little thick with 8.5mm but that’s fine since Apple decided to make the Iphone look spectacular with 5 different colors .An adorable design Apple’s bringing this time.


    -rumors suggest iphone 5c to have 4 inch screen which is exciting compared to iphone 4.its expected to have 8MP camera (hopefully no Retina Display).


    -it will be powered by A series processing chip which I hope is the one we saw in iphone4.


    –         IOS7 –it can’t run on anything better.A great user friendly experience is for sure.since the ios7 mainly points on older hardware, I don’t expect Iphone 5C to have AirDrop or in-camera filters. Not hoping for panorama views which were infact pretty cool but we can’t ask much.

    -Apple mainly want to make it widely affordable this time ,so I don’t expect all the 5s features in it but yes I am looking forward for the new stuffs Apple got into it and I know Apple’s not going to let us down.


    -September 10th –the day we want to come near as fast as it can .this is expected to be the due date for flagship of this latest new edition from Apple. I hope Apple excites us with all the hidden details and not-yet-out features of Iphone 5c.


    All in all Iphone 5c seems to be a spectacular enough and affordable to a wide public. I can’t wait for September 10th and get hold of the phone. Hoping for the best.

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